You are an Ethical Changer.

You are
Ethical Changer

You want there to be a change in society, but you see that many more people need to act. You, who look at the ingredients and product labels. You, who avoid any plastic (especially single-use ones). You, sometimes so inconsistent between actions and thoughts.
You are Ethical Changer.

Ethical Points

Accumulate points with every order of sustainable garments you make through Ethical Time.

Encourage real sustainable fashion

Share the platform with colleagues, friends or on your social networks and get even more points.

Get discounts
and make donations

Use all the accumulated points to get discounts, or donate them to the social cause that you prefer.

You are the key to change.


Ethical Changer

“Changing the world we live in is the responsibility of each and every one of us. But Ethical Time has made it much easier for us. I truly recommend you! ”


Ethical Changer

"I feel part of something bigger, a movement, a community that wants to see real change"


Ethical Changer

“I have already bought 2 T-shirts, sneakers and pants and I would not know how to decide which one I like best. Good quality, comfortable, soft, but best of all, they make me feel good, the clothes I wear have a history and I am proud to be part of this community ”


Join our community of Ethical Changers

We are together in this.

Changes are never easy, especially when it comes to changing our behavior or lifestyle. So we are here to help you.

We have created the Ethical Changers community so that you can accumulate points with each order and use them in your future purchases and / or donate them to different social causes. Plus, every action you take to promote real sustainable fashion will be rewarded.

We also want you to constantly learn about the benefits of buying clothing that is respectful of people and the planet. And we are committed not only to providing you with the best real sustainable clothing, but also the information, tips and tricks to live your best life by consuming responsibly.

Team member

Ethical Changer

Team member

Ethical Changer

Team member

Ethical Changer

Team member

Ethical Changer

Team member

Ethical Changer

Team member

Ethical Changer

Be Ethical Changer

Make an account and start changing the world with every action.

Once you are Ethical Changer, you will be able to access your points through the yellow button located at the bottom right of your screen

Ways to Earn Points
(Ways to earn points)

Your purchase, your vote.
For every € spent on Real Sustainable Fashion, we will give you 3 points. For example, if you order € 100, you will get 300 points.

There are also other ways to earn points, such as leaving a review (30 points), and more that we will make known through our channels.

Ways to Redeem Points
(Ways to redeem points)

When you get 100 points, you can redeem them for a discount code of € 1 for your next purchase. For example, 300 points equals € 3 discount.

If you prefer, you can donate the money equivalent to your points, which you have not exchanged for discounts, to a social project among the following 3.

Jaago Foundation

JAAGO is a foundation that works to eradicate poverty in Bangladesh through the education of children with fewer resources.

Plant For The Planet

Plant for the Planet is a global organization with one great goal: to plant trees worldwide to combat climate change.

Ethical Time Association

From our non-profit association we work to raise awareness of the impact of clothing and the importance of consuming responsibly.

If you want to donate your points, write to us at indicating which social project you would like to help.

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