The climatic emergency. How are we and what can we do?

The climate crisis is an emergency on which we must act immediately

Increased temperatures. Disappearance of the polar caps. Survival hazard of many species. Hurricanes. Floods Contaminated water. Disease spread. Rising sea levels. Forced migrations. Millions of refugees from climate disasters. Drought Famines. Uncontrolled fires.

These are some of the effects that climate change has on our planet. Climate change that is already present, seen, heard and suffered. And even today, it continues to be nurtured by the large corporations and the policies that govern the world, by thousands of companies that are committed to continue increasing their productions and profits before changing their business model to one that is more sustainable and respectful with the environment, people and all living things.

The textile industry is one of the top of the list of the most polluting industries in the world. Its ecological footprint is far from being sustainable. According to a report by WWF SwitzerlandThis industry is responsible for emitting 1.700 billion tons of carbon dioxide a year, and 20% of the toxins that are dumped into the water worldwide come from its factories and crops.

To this day, sales of "fast fashion" continue to increase year after year, more than 80.000 million garments are sold worldwide annually, producing 2.100 billion tons of waste.

Climatologists around the world have shown that the Earth's climate is changing and that humans are the main responsible. Unless we take immediate action, this trend will continue at an accelerated rate, leading to a state of climate catastrophe.

It is in everyone's hands to tackle the problem and stand up to it. Here we leave you several actions you can take to stop climate change and its chain of reactions that will soon be irreversible.


Every Friday the movement Fridays For Future led by Greta Thunberg organizes demonstrations in big cities around the world to protest against the lack of action in the face of the climate crisis. There is also the movement Rebellion extinction, and so many others. Find the ones in your city and join them!

Vote with conscience

In order to change the world it is necessary that the people who run it, and the laws, change. Use your power in the next elections to read well the electoral program and the plans of each political party, and vote those who are going to implement environmental policies.

Consume planet-friendly products

Consumption is the place where we personally act. In all areas of all categories there are companies that do things well. That they respect human rights and the environment. Bet on them, on new technologies, green and renewable, and on responsible consumption.

Dress ethical and sustainable

There are many clothing and footwear brands that work with sustainable materials and respecting animals and the environment throughout the entire production chain of their garments. Look for them. Ethical Time It can help you get to know them and find a responsible piece of clothing or store.

Share and talk about what matters to you

There is nothing more powerful than a group of people united and convinced that change is possible. Share with your friends and family everything you discover about the climate crisis and what each of us can do. And encourage them to join you when you go to the demonstrations, to vote and to shop.

The time to act is now.

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