8 documentaries that will change the way you see the world of fashion forever

An audiovisual tour of the human and environmental impact of the textile industry.

Slaves exist in the 14st century. People who make our clothes, who are forced to spend 100 hours a day sewing to get poverty wages. The cheapest labor, as if they were not people. But they are. Each item of clothing has gone through more than XNUMX hands before reaching us. And his suffering, although sometimes we can't see it, is behind most of the fashion brands. If you want to take off the scarf that covers our eyes, you should watch some of these documentaries.

1. The True Cost (2016)

Probably the documentary about fast fashion most famous and with the most repercussion in the fashion industry. The director Andrew Morgan explains at the beginning: “This is a story about clothes. About the clothes we wear, the people who make these clothes, and the impact it is having on our world. It is a story about greed and fear, power and poverty. It is complex because it stretches across the world. But it is also simple, revealing how connected we are to the many hearts and hands behind our clothes. What I have discovered has forever changed how I think about the clothes I wear, and my hope is that the same thing will happen to you. ”

2. The seams of the skin (2013)

This homemade documentary, the work of Celia Vila and Enric Escofet, tells the daily battle of two workers in the textile factories of Bangalore, in India. Bharathi and Yamuna, two women who decide not to be afraid and fight for a decent future.

3. Fíos Fora (2015)

Filmed in Galician and subtitled in Spanish and English, Fíos Fora is a first-person narration of six Galician seamstresses in the most stylish talking heads, characters talking to the camera and without action. This documentary curls around the textile sector in Galicia and abroad, from the 60s until now. History repeats itself in the threads of other places, in the knots of this system.

“Years ago I wanted to organize a protest against the conditions to which we were subjected as external workshops of large factories, but nobody supported me; people were afraid ».

4. Machines (2018)

Without a voiceover or music, this documentary by filmmaker Rahul Jain seeks to transmit through the sounds and images of a textile factory. A hard look, and at the same time an extraordinary sensitivity.

5. River Blue (2016)

We have covered the human impact of the consumption of fast fashion. But what about the environment? This documentary examines the destruction of the world's most vital rivers through the manufacture of our clothing. And he ends up wondering: can fashion save the world?

6. Sweatshop Deadly Fashion (2014)

Divided into 5 chapters of 12 minutes each, three of the fashion bloggers Norway's top visit Cambodia. They want to know what life is like for people who make clothes for their favorite brands. They explore the Pnom Penh region, one of the main providers of the world's largest multinationals. Between visits to markets, factories and workers' houses, they immerse themselves in the local way of life.

7. Slowing down fast fashion (2016)

Concerned about the environment, English bassist and farmer Alex James creates a documentary in which he interviews a former compulsive buyer, with whom he visits several stores to analyze the labels on the garments; to a psychologist, who explains the reasons that lead the consumer to buy and how this will become a drug; and to several professionals in the fashion industry such as Vivienne Westwood.

8. China Blue (2005)

Filmed clandestinely and under harsh conditions in China, this documentary was one of the first that managed to record what the major international brands wanted and continue to want to hide.

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